Reason #6: We are cost-effective!


One of the first questions researchers often ask is: how expensive are you?

We can't accurately answer this question until we learn more about your project and what you'd like to accomplish with our help (send us an inquiry now!). But we understand why you're asking, because we were academic researchers ourselves!

You might be thinking that because AccuraScience is a commercial operation, it must be very expensive.

That's not true.

It's true that because our Lead Bioinformaticians (LBs) are highly experienced bioinformatics experts, their rates (per unit time) are higher than those of junior bioinformaticians. However, anyone who has taken on a serious research project knows that most time is spent (or wasted) on "wrong turns" that you wish you hadn't taken after it's over. The truth is, because our LBs are more experienced, they take fewer wrong turns. When they do make mistakes, the mistakes they make are less catastrophic. In the end, our LBs will take less time to achieve goals and end up costing less, rather than more, than less experienced individuals.

This isn't a new argument. In fact, Steve Jobs made the same observation decades ago. That's why he wanted only "A players" on his team...

And that's not the only reason why AccuraScience is cost-effective.

In addition to our LBs, we have a team of highly skilled junior bioinformatics engineers (BEs) who carry out most of the "routine" analysis work. This is similar to an academic setting, where faculty members (equivalent to our LBs) advise and direct projects, and postdoctoral trainees or senior graduate students (equivalent to our BEs) carry out most of the detailed work.

Our BEs are "A players" in their own category!

Because BEs are less expensive than LBs, having BEs handle most of the detailed work under LB supervision helps us further reduce the cost of our projects without compromising quality. The savings are passed on to researchers using our services.

See further discussion on our team's strengths at this page and our guarantee at this page.

Other Reasons Why You Should Use AccuraScience's Services

Reason #1: 150 years of combined experience in bioinformatics
Reason #2: Deep understanding of both the biology and the computer
Reason #3: Top-level expertise possessed by our bioinformaticians
Reason #4: Wide range of bioinformatics and data modeling solutions that we cover
Reason #5: Researchers from 80 organizations can't all be wrong!
Reason #6: We are cost-effective!
Reason #7: We guarantee to do it "right"!
Reason #8: We will assist you in paper reviews
Reason #9: We will assist you in grant writing
Reason #10: See how researchers have evaluated us

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