Selected Recent Inquiries

This page presents edited logs of selected conversations between AccuraScience’s customers and AccuraScience’s data analysis teams. Best efforts are made to protect the privacy of our customers: only conversations not involving sensitive content are selected, and information potentially revealing of the identities of customers has been edited out. Note: We have started to update this page again!

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Assembling WGS data for marker identification (4/18/2016)

Genome assembly with PacBio data (4/17/2016)

Statistical considerations for metabolomics data analysis (4/4/2016)

RNA-seq analysis pipeline focusing on long ncRNAs (3/11/2016)

Whole-genome sequencing analysis options for human samples (2/6/2016)

Homology-based search vs. pattern-based search (1/5/2016)

"Advanced" Analysis Options for miRNA-Seq Data (12/23/2015)

Identifying Structural Changes in Genome with Short-Read Sequencing Data (12/12/2015)

A Biomarker or Classification Modeling Project (11/7/2015)

Variant Calling Using RNA-seq Data, and Splice Isoform Analysis (11/2/2015)

See More Recent InquiriesSee Earlier Inquiries

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