Our Working Cycle

Note: This page was prepared for academic customers. Clients from the biotech / pharmaceutical / therapeutic / molecular diagnosis industries, please visit this web site instead.

The following is an illustration of our working cycle.

Project Discussion
Client describes project to AccuraScience. AccuraScience asks questions for better understanding of the project. Multiple rounds of communication may take place. Then AccuraScience provides advice and suggestions on project design, and/or on analysis strategies and methods.
If Client is interested in having AccuraScience carry out the bioinformatics project directly, AccuraScience provides a quote with time estimate.
If Client agrees with AccuraScience's quote, Client and AccuraScience enter a contract.
Client delivers all needed data to AccuraScience's secure file server, or, if data size exceeds limit for network transferring, Client sends the data to AccuraScience in hard drives via a courier service (e.g. FedEx). If public data or data from other sources (e.g., controlled access data from dbGAP or TCGA) are involved, Client and AccuraScience work out procedures for AccuraScience to obtain access to the data.
Data Transfer
Carrying out work
AccuraScience carries out the work. Further communication may take place between Client and AccuraScience in this process - especially for research-oriented projects, back-and-forth communication between Client and AccuraScience is required to discuss adjustment of strategy and methods while the work is underway.
After work is completed, report is delivered to Client. Follow-up communication often takes place to explain/clarify report. For research-oriented projects, AccuraScience will also assist in manuscript writing and addressing reviewers' critiques when manuscript is peer-reviewed.
Report Delivery

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