Reason #10: See how researchers have evaluated us


"The Lead Bioinformatician at AccuraScience is honest, knowledgeable and helpful. He clearly explained how the bioinformatics analysis will be done, how the results might look like (may or may not yield significant hits), and gave me time to think about it before I gave AccuraScience the ‘go-ahead’... I will be very happy to recommend the services of AccuraScience to my colleagues on and off campus."

"My lab's experience with AccuraScience has been enormously positive. Interactions with AccuraScience's bioinformaticians were professional, timely and respectful. Their knowledge and extensive statistical skills enabled them to not only perform the tasks asked of them, but to also provide excellent and insightful suggestions that overall raised the quality of the project at hand."

"We were extremely impressed and very pleased to work with talented, enthusiastic, and highly professional individuals at AccuraScience... They walked us through every step of the process and explained in detail the bioinformatics terminology and tools used to process our data. The Lead Bioinformatician was instrumental in helping us develop the approach for our recent grant proposal and interpret our findings in a clinically and biologically relevant sense. Without reservation our group is happy to endorse AccuraScience for their expertise in bioinformatics and genomics."

These are excerpts of some of the testimonials left by the researchers we have worked with. Each of these researchers has left his/her true identity. If you are considering using AccuraScience's services, we strongly encourage you to contact them directly and obtain a more personal evaluation of his/her experience. The complete texts of these testimonials can be viewed at this page, and pages referenced thereafter.

See more discussion on our team's strengths and experiences at this page, our guarantee at this page, and an explanation as of why using our services can actually cut down your cost here.

Other Reasons Why You Should Use AccuraScience's Services

Reason #1: 150 years of combined experience in bioinformatics
Reason #2: Deep understanding of both the biology and the computer
Reason #3: Top-level expertise possessed by our bioinformaticians
Reason #4: Wide range of bioinformatics solutions that we cover
Reason #5: Researchers from 80 organizations can't all be wrong!
Reason #6: We are cost-effective!
Reason #7: We guarantee to do it "right"!
Reason #8: We will assist you in paper reviews

Reason #9: We will assist you in grant writing
Reason #10: See how researchers have evaluated us

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