Reason #5: Researchers from 80 organizations can't all be wrong!


That's right: in the past three years of our operation, AccuraScience has served researchers from more than 80 (and counting!) academic institutions, companies and government agencies across five different continents around the globe. See a list of them at this page.

An organization (an academic institution, a company or a government agency) is counted only after we have completed at least one bioinformatics project with the organization, or with researchers associated with the organization.

On your request, we will provide the contact info of any of these organizations and researchers as references for you to check*.

Even better: some of these researchers have left testimonials with their identities on our web site, making it easier for you to check with them directly - see those testimonials here. We encourage you to contact them and get more personal evaluations of AccuraScience's work and capacities, if you are considering using our services.


* With the exception of a small number of organizations/researchers with which/whom AccuraScience has signed non-disclosure agreements that prohibit such communications, or who have requested not to be bothered by AccuraScience's potential clients.

Other Reasons Why You Should Use AccuraScience's Services

Reason #1: 150 years of combined experience in bioinformatics
Reason #2: Deep understanding of both the biology and the computer
Reason #3: Top-level expertise possessed by our bioinformaticians
Reason #4: Wide range of bioinformatics solutions that we cover
Reason #5: Researchers from 80 organizations can't all be wrong!
Reason #6: We are cost-effective!
Reason #7: We guarantee to do it "right"!
Reason #8: We will assist you in paper reviews
Reason #9: We will assist you in grant writing
Reason #10: See how researchers have evaluated us

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