Reason #7: We guarantee to do it "right"!


AccuraScience strives to maintain its reputation as the most reliable commercial source of bioinformatics solutions provided to the research community.

There are two broad categories of bioinformatics projects that we undertake: engineering-type and research-type. For engineering-type bioinformatics projects, i.e. those involving execution of a well-defined flow of tasks, there is clear distinction between "right" and "wrong". For these projects, we guarantee that the work we conduct is done correctly.

Research-type bioinformatics projects, on the other hand, include exploratory projects, hypothesis-driven projects and other projects that involve "trial-and-error" type processes. The nature of these projects determines that there is no clear distinction between "right" and "wrong": in a hypothesis-driven project, no one can guarantee that his or her work will necessarily produce results that either prove or disapprove the hypotheses proposed.

It is fair to say that the more challenging a research project is, the bigger difference a truly strong bioinformatics expert will make. For the most difficult projects, our Lead Bioinformaticians (see discussion of their experiences at this page) could make the difference between success and failure, as researchers using their help have noted (see their testimonials here).

Thus, although we cannot guarantee that we will always perform a research-type bioinformatics project "right" - because nobody can, what we can say confidently is that in a research-type project we have agreed to take on, if we cannot produce results researchers desire to see, chances are nobody else can.

See how our LBs help researchers with manuscript reviews at this page.

Other Reasons Why You Should Use AccuraScience's Services

Reason #1: 150 years of combined experience in bioinformatics
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Reason #7: We guarantee to do it "right"!
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Reason #10: See how researchers have evaluated us

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