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Note: This page was prepared for academic customers. Clients from the biotech / pharmaceutical / therapeutic / molecular diagnosis industries, please visit this web site instead.

AccuraScience LLC, headquartered in Johnston, Iowa, United States, was established in 2013 by a group of professional bioinformaticians, bioinformatics software developers, and investors with a strong mix of expertise in academic research, industrial development, and business operations. The company is registered in Iowa.

AccuraScience was founded with the understanding that advances in new technologies capable of generating large amounts of biomedical data, such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, are causing significant changes in biomedical research, biotechnology development, and clinical practice. While the scientific community, biotech industry, and clinical research sector benefit from these new technologies and seize the new opportunities they present, they also face significant challenges in handling, analyzing, and interpreting the vast amount of data they receive. AccuraScience was established to help them address these challenges. For more information on how we make a difference, see this page.

Over the past nine years, AccuraScience has expanded its Lead Bioinformatician (LB) team to include expertise in a range of areas, including NGS data processing, analysis, interpretation, and common genomic data analysis, as well as statistical modeling, data integration (using Bayesian and machine learning approaches), data mining, informatics, database development and management, structural bioinformatics (such as AlphaFold modeling and I-TASSER work), AI/machine learning/deep learning model development, software solutions, IT and infrastructure development, and metagenomics, protein structure analysis and modeling, proteomics data interpretation, evolutionary biology, and population genetics. Our LBs' expertise now covers most of the major sub-areas of bioinformatics. See this page for further explanation of our services.

Over the past nine years, AccuraScience has interacted with over 1800 researchers worldwide and provided assistance with project design and implementation. We have also directly carried out bioinformatics projects for researchers from academic institutions, biotech and pharmaceutical industries, and government agencies on five continents. While working with us, our clients benefit not only from the top-level expertise of our LBs, but also from significant time and cost savings. They experience nearly three times faster progress on their projects and more than four times the cost savings compared to alternative approaches. To learn more about how we have achieved this level of cost-effectiveness, see this page.

As noted by many of our clients (see some of the testimonials they have left at this page), AccuraScience has been - and will continue to be - serving and contributing to the scientific community in a distinct way.

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