Reason #3: Top-level expertise possessed by our bioinformaticians


It's no secret that strong bioinformatics expertise is in short supply.

In the past decade, there has been a paradigm shift in biomedical research due to the unprecedented rates of data generation, thanks largely to rapid advances in new technologies. Bioinformatics skills are now essential for the successful completion of many biomedical projects, but the truth is that most principal investigators (PIs) are trained experimental scientists unfamiliar with high-throughput data analysis. They need to enlist the help of bioinformatics experts.

The demand is so high that many bioinformatics experts are overbooked, which is when less qualified individuals (some with only a B.S. in biology and a few weeks of bioinformatics training) come into play. They call themselves "bioinformaticians" and become helpers, but before researchers realize it, their funding has been drained and the progress of their projects has been severely delayed.

These are not isolated stories. In fact, researchers have told us these types of situations time and time again.

Over time, the research community will see a fix to the shortage of bioinformatics expertise. At AccuraScience, we see ourselves as part of this fix: we have assembled a cluster of very strong bioinformatics experts with complementary yet related areas of expertise (see their profiles on this page), jointly covering a wide spectrum of domains and problems (see this page for more), and we offer these services to researchers on a fee basis.

We want researchers to consider us as the "tough nut crackers". Many come to us after trying other options (most frequently using local bioinformaticians in collaborative labs or a local core facility) that haven't worked. The large number of strong experts in our team means that we can offer a much wider range of solutions (see this page) than any single bioinformatician - even if they are a top bioinformatics expert. What's more, because our LB team has reached a "critical mass", we can get more done at even lower cost. See this page for further discussion on our cost-effectiveness.

Other Reasons Why You Should Use AccuraScience's Services

Reason #1: 150 years of combined experience in bioinformatics
Reason #2: Deep understanding of both the biology and the computer
Reason #3: Top-level expertise possessed by our bioinformaticians
Reason #4: Wide range of bioinformatics and data modeling solutions that we cover
Reason #5: Researchers from 80 organizations can't all be wrong!
Reason #6: We are cost-effective!
Reason #7: We guarantee to do it "right"!
Reason #8: We will assist you in paper reviews
Reason #9: We will assist you in grant writing
Reason #10: See how researchers have evaluated us

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