Bioinformatics: Should I Outsource or Should I Hire Locally?

As a researcher, your research project may include a bioinformatics component. However, you received most of your training as an experimental scientist during your Ph.D. and postdoc, so bioinformatics may not be your area of expertise. Now, as a Principal Investigator (PI) or group leader, you may be wondering whether it is better to outsource the bioinformatics component of the project to a company or have someone (e.g., one of your students or postdoc trainees) try to do it locally.

This is a question that has been brought up repeatedly by researchers when consulting with AccuraScience, which prompted me to write this piece to summarize all the considerations involved and help you make a decision.

This piece is divided into five sections. Please click the links to read on:

1. When you should use local persons to do your bioinformatics work: Part 1
2. When you should use local persons to do your bioinformatics work: Part 2
3. When you should outsource the bioinformatics work
4. How do you choose the “right” bioinformatics service company/team?
5. Is local collaboration a good option?
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Read Section 1: When you should use local persons to do bioinformatics work: Part 1

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