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Note: This page was prepared for academic customers. Clients from the biotech / pharmaceutical / therapeutic / molecular diagnosis industries, please visit this web site instead.

Our team of world-class data analysis experts understand how NGS data should be analyzed and interpreted, and they understand best what our customers need – to extract as much useful information as there is – but not any bit more – from the data they have.

"Routine" Analyses Our analysis service term has developed and tested numerous analysis pipelines for diverse NGS data types and various analysis objectives – from whole-genome, exome and other targeted sequencing, to RNA-seq, ChIP-seq; from DNA methylation, histone modifications, CLIP-seq to 4C/5C/Hi-C. For these routine analyses, we have compared the performance across countless options and configurations for each type of analysis under diverse circumstances. We know better than virtually anyone else about how your analysis should be – and how it should not be – done.

Customized analyses Our team is headed by four lead bioinformaticians with 50 years of combined experience in bioinformatics data analysis and 25 years of combined experience with NGS data. They are fully capable of designing and implementing any customized pipelines that meet the special needs of your projects.

You will receive the best quality NGS data analysis service, guaranteed!

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