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Note: This page was prepared for academic customers. Clients from the biotech / pharmaceutical / therapeutic / molecular diagnosis industries, please visit this web site instead.

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"I really appreciated your timely and excellent service for the whole genome sequence analysis in this PNAS paper. Your company website was cited in this high-impact publication. I am very satisfied with your professional, skillful and high-quality service. In particular, the bioinformatics knowledge and expertise in your team were very impressive. Your team created new approaches/tools to solve the tough scientific questions during the process of whole genome sequence analysis, which will hopefully improve the data analysis in this field. Also, I wish to thank you for the courteous help (more focus on science) and generous extra-time service. I would be certainly more than happy to recommend your company to other customers who need best-quality next generation sequencing bioinformatics analysis."

- Dr. Wenhui Hu, Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience, Temple University School of Medicine.

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